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I moved cross-country recently and was surprised at how much I ended up falling in love with a city in just seven short days. Here are seven things I did during my first week that I would highly recommend to anyone just moving or just visiting Salt Lake:

1. Drive from SLC International Airport to Downtown SLC

You will…

Have you ever wanted to build a fully-functioning website but had zero idea where to start? Same.

You’ve probably heard of HTML, CSS, and maybe JavaScript as the go-to for web development. But past that, what do you do? How do you make a website work and not just look

It may have been the coincidental chaos of starting a new job during a pandemic. Or getting thrown into this “new way of thinking” during a time full of change. Regardless of the reason, Agile transformed the way I approached and lived my personal life.

Photo by David Travis on Unsplash

Little-a agile vs. Big-A Agile

Little-a agile is defined by…

GitHub Mark

What is GitHub?

GitHub is basically Google Drive (x10) for coding.

Why should I care?

This is like the world for software development. Want to find cool projects? GitHub. Want to be a "real" techie? GitHub. Want to contribute to some of Google's projects? GitHub. Want to share your hard coding work? GitHub.

The Deets

So what is it…

The work from home life and having extra time really makes you do some weird things. …

A brief history of “Why &TECH?”

&TECH Logo designed by the talented Haley Sharun

With less than 8 months left to my degree in CS and math, I panicked thinking,

“This is really it for tech, huh? Just coding away in Java or C++ to make this button do that or to maybe make this thing faster using a ‘cool algorithm’?”

As I sat…

Year One of adulthood was full of so many unexpected opportunities to learn, hurt, appreciate, reflect, and explore. There were times I thought to myself, “Is this really it? Is being an adult just doing this same thing over and over again?” And there were other times I thought, “Holy…

Katrina Delos Reyes

Hi! I’m a technology strategist by day, dance teacher by night, avid hiker by weekend, and Founder and Director of &TECH all other times. katrinadelosreyes.com

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